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Where to Find Birth Certificate Number

What is a Birth Certificate Number and Why is it Important?

Your birth certificate number is a unique combination of letters and digits that is assigned to your birth certificate at the time of registration. This number is important as it is used to identify your birth record and can be used for various legal purposes such as applying for a passport, a driver's license, or enrolling in school.

How to Locate Your Birth Certificate Number

To find your birth certificate number, you will need to locate your birth certificate first.

The birth certificate number is usually located in the upper right-hand corner of the certificate. It is typically a combination of digits and letters and may be listed as a "Registration Number," "Certificate Number," or simply "Number."

If you do not have your original birth certificate, you can order a certified copy of your birth certificate here. Our online ordering process is quick and easy, and we offer fast and secure delivery of your certificate.

Why Order a Certified Copy of Your Birth Certificate?

Ordering a certified copy of your birth certificate from Official UK Certificates ensures that you have a legal document that proves your identity and age. A certified birth certificate can be used for various purposes, including:

  • Applying for a passport or a driver's license

  • Enrolling in school or university

  • Obtaining a marriage or civil partnership license

  • Claiming benefits or pensions

  • Tracing your family history and genealogy

Ordering from Official UK Certificates is a secure and reliable way to get a copy of your birth certificate. We offer a simple online ordering process, and our certificates are accepted by all UK government departments and other organizations.

Don't wait - order your birth certificate copy from Official UK Certificates today and get your unique birth certificate number!

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