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Are these official certificates?


Yes. All certificates are official.


​Is the birth certificate the 'short version' or the 'full version’?


The certificate is the “full version” which also contains the parents’ details


Will the birth certificate have details of both parents?


If both parents' information was provided at the time of registering the birth, then both parents' details will be on the certificate. 

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​Is information of all overseas births, marriages and deaths involving British nationals held in the UK?


No, as British Nationals are not obligated to register births, marriages or deaths with the UK authorities if they are overseas. 


If a child has a British passport but was born abroad, is the birth registered or recorded in the UK?


No, having a British passport does not automatically mean that the birth has been registered in the UK. However, if the child was born after 1st January 1983, you may be able to use the local birth certificate (acquired at the place of birth) to register the birth with the UK authorities. 


Which certificates of overseas births, marriages and deaths can I order?


You can order online a full birth certificate (which will include parent's details), a death certificate and a marriage certificate, as long as they have been registered with the UK authorities.


What records are held in the Adoptions Branch?


The Adoptions Branch maintains the Adopted Children Register (ACR). The Register contains details of adoptions authorised by order of a court in England or Wales on or after 1 January 1927. The only information that is available from the Adopted Children Register is a certificated copy of an entry, which is the equivalent of a birth certificate for an adopted person.

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