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How much is a death certificate?

Are you wondering how much it costs to obtain a copy of a death certificate in the UK? Death certificates are important legal documents that serve as proof of an individual's death. They may be required for a variety of purposes, from settling an estate to researching family history.

The cost of a death certificate copy can vary depending on the issuing authority and the purpose for which it is needed. For example, if you require a certified copy, which is an official document that has been stamped and signed by the issuing authority, the cost may be higher than for a non-certified copy.

In general, the cost of a death certificate copy in the UK can range from £21.99 to £54.99. It's important to note that some authorities may offer discounts for additional copies ordered at the same time, so it's worth checking to see if this is available.

To obtain a new death certificate copy in the UK, you will need to contact the relevant issuing authority. This may be the General Register Office (GRO) or a local register office, depending on the circumstances of the death. You may be required to provide proof of your relationship to the deceased person, as well as proof of your identity, in order to obtain a death certificate copy.

Overall, the cost of a death certificate copy in the UK can vary depending on the issuing authority and whether you require a certified copy. If you need a death certificate copy for a specific purpose, it's important to ensure that you obtain the correct type of certificate and that it contains all the necessary information. 

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