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How much is a marriage certificate?

The cost of obtaining a marriage certificate in the UK can vary based on several factors such as the location of the registration, the type of certificate, and the processing time. Generally, the standard fee for a marriage certificate ranges from £21.99 to £29.99, depending on the region where the marriage was registered. However, local authorities may also impose additional fees for expedited processing.

Additionally, obtaining an apostille or legalisation service to validate the authenticity of the certificate for use overseas may incur additional costs.


It's important to check the cost of a marriage certificate with the local authority or service provider prior to ordering, as fees may vary. Obtaining a certificate through an online service may also involve additional fees for processing, handling, and delivery.


In conclusion, the cost of a marriage certificate in the UK can range from £21.99 to £99 or more, depending on the type of certificate, processing time, and any additional services required.

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