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What Does an Adoption Birth Certificate Look Like UK?


Adoption is a common way of creating a family, and it can bring joy to both the adoptive parents and the child. As part of the adoption process, a new birth certificate is usually issued for the child, known as an adoption birth certificate. But what does an adoption birth certificate look like in the UK?

What is an Adoption Birth Certificate?

An adoption birth certificate is a legal document that replaces the original birth certificate of an adopted child. This new certificate lists the adoptive parents' names instead of the biological parents and is considered to be the child's legal birth certificate. The original birth certificate is then kept confidential and can only be accessed by certain authorized individuals, such as the adopted person, the birth parents, and the adoptive parents.

How is an Adoption Birth Certificate Different from a Standard Birth Certificate?

The format of an adoption birth certificate is similar to that of a standard birth certificate, with some key differences. While a standard birth certificate lists the biological parents' names, an adoption birth certificate lists the adoptive parents' names. It also includes the date and place of the child's birth, but the information about the biological parents is not included.

What Information is Contained on an Adoption Birth Certificate?

An adoption birth certificate contains key information about the adopted child, such as their name, date and place of birth, and the names of the adoptive parents. It also includes the date and place of the adoption order, and the child's original name before the adoption. In addition, it may include the birth parents' names and the child's original surname, but this varies depending on the adoption order.

Can I Get a Copy of My Adoption Birth Certificate?

Yes, it is possible to obtain a copy of your adoption birth certificate in the UK. You can apply for it here.

What Should I Do If There is Incorrect Information on My Adoption Birth Certificate?

If you find that there is incorrect information on your adoption birth certificate, it is important to take action to correct it. You can apply to have your adoption birth certificate amended through the General Register Office or the local register office where the adoption was registered. The process and requirements for amending the certificate may vary depending on the specific circumstances, but it is important to ensure that the information on the certificate is accurate.

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