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Can a Birth Certificate be Used as ID for Alcohol in the UK?


If you're planning to buy alcohol in the UK and you're wondering if you can use your birth certificate as ID, the short answer is no. While a birth certificate is an important legal document that proves your identity and age, it is not considered a valid form of ID to purchase alcohol.

The main reason why a birth certificate is not accepted as ID for alcohol is that it doesn't have a photo, which makes it difficult to confirm that the person presenting it is actually the same as the one on the document. To buy alcohol in the UK, you need to present a form of ID that includes a photograph and a date of birth, such as a passport, a driving licence, or a PASS card.

What other documents can be used as ID for alcohol in the UK?

Passport: A passport is the most widely accepted form of ID for buying alcohol in the UK, as it is a government-issued document that contains a photo and date of birth. However, it can be quite expensive to obtain or renew, and some people may not have one.

Driving licence: A driving licence is another acceptable form of ID to buy alcohol, as it also contains a photo and date of birth. However, if you don't drive or if you haven't passed your driving test yet, you may not have a driving licence.

Can you get an age verification card instead of using your birth certificate?

PASS card: A PASS (Proof of Age Standards Scheme) card is a special card that is designed to prove your age and identity. It is an official form of ID that is recognised by most retailers and venues in the UK, and it includes a photo and a hologram to prevent forgery. You can apply for a PASS card if you are 16 or older, and it costs around £15. However, it can take up to 21 days to arrive, so make sure to plan ahead if you need it for a specific event.

What if you don't have any accepted ID to buy alcohol?

If you don't have any accepted form of ID to buy alcohol, you may be refused service, as retailers and venues are required by law to verify the age of their customers to prevent underage sales. In some cases, they may accept a photocopy of your passport or driving licence, but this is not a guaranteed solution and it depends on the discretion of the staff.

In conclusion, a birth certificate cannot be used as ID to buy alcohol in the UK, as it doesn't include a photo and date of birth. If you need to buy alcohol, make sure to bring a valid form of ID that meets the requirements set by the retailer or venue. If you don't have any accepted ID, consider applying for a PASS card or using an alternative document that includes a photo and date of birth.

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