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What's a Long Birth Certificate?


A long birth certificate, also known as a full birth certificate, is an official document that provides a more detailed record of an individual's birth. This document includes more information than a short birth certificate and can be useful for various legal and administrative purposes.

What Information is Included in a Long Birth Certificate?

So, what information is included in a long birth certificate? Here are some of the details that you can find in this document:

  • Full name of the person at birth

  • Date and place of birth

  • Gender

  • Parent's names, including mother's maiden name

  • Occupation of the father (or parents)

  • Address of the parents

  • Name and signature of the registrar who registered the birth

Why Do I Need a Long Birth Certificate?

A long birth certificate can be necessary for various reasons, including:

  • Applying for a passport

  • Registering for school

  • Claiming a pension or other benefits

  • Researching family history

  • Applying for a marriage or civil partnership

  • Applying for a legal name change

In summary, a long birth certificate is a vital document that provides more detailed information about an individual's birth. It can be necessary for various legal and administrative purposes, such as applying for a passport or registering for school. If you need a long birth certificate, you can obtain one from the General Register Office in the country where you were born. At Official UK Certificates, we offer a convenient online ordering service for obtaining a long birth certificate


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